Purple Rain

This month’s cocktail comes from a request by my friend Colette, who asked for a recipe for a purple cocktail. I think it’s because she went to Northwestern. I’m a little annoyed because Northwestern beat my Michigan State Spartans last weekend. But I like Colette far more than I like football, so she gets her recipe anyway.

A lot of purple cocktails end up looking reddish purple, like red wine. She was looking for a mixed drink that was more of a blue-based purple. Something regal and dramatic.

Enter the Purple Rain. 

A purple rain cocktail has vodka, blue caracao, and a number of nonalcoholic juices in it.

There are actually multiple versions of the Purple Rain. A common one is similar to a Long Island Iced Tea, where you just swap Chambord in for the orange liquor in the Iced Tea. (Of course, there are plenty of variations on the Long Island Iced Tea, too. You could order it from 10 different bars and be served 10 different mixed drinks.)

But I digress. Some Purple Rain recipes insist the grenadine be added last. The idea is that the redness of the grenadine floating down through the blue of the other ingredients creates the rain. 

Which probably looks really cool…

But the Cocktail Spy is going to keep it simple for you. With this recipe, you can mix everything all at once and start enjoying the results right away.

Ready to try it? Here we go.


You’ll need these ingredients:

-          1.5 ounces vodka

-          1 ounce blue curacao

-          1 ounce grenadine

-          1 ounce pineapple juice

-          1 ounce cranberry juice

-          Optional: one lime

Combine all liquid ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake. Pour the mixture into a highball glass filled with ice. If you have a lime, cut off a wedge or wheel to use as a garnish, and squeeze in fresh juice from the remainder.


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October 2017